Heat’nSweet Diabetic-friendly Finishing Dust

Heat'nSweet Diabetic-friendly Finishing Dust adds a top note of heat and sweet to your meats. Stop spritzing with sugary apple juice or cider! Save your carbohydrates and get the guilt-free thrill of BBQ you won't need to sauce.

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Rub-a-Dub-Dub Diabetic-Friendly Dry Rub

This all-purpose Diabetic-friendly dry rub provides an excellent foundation for any meats - but especially long, low and slow roasts that you will be layering additional flavors onto like Ribs, Pork Shoulder or Brisket. Most rubs rely upon brown sugar in the base to impart a sweet note, but I have found another way to bring sweet, salt, and savory notes into a zen state with this rub.

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Mud Rub Diabetic-Friendly Rib Rub

This recipe has transformed my life. "Mud Rub Diabetic-Friendly Rib Rub" adds incredible depth of flavor to your ribs in the tenting stage between initial smoke and finishing on the grill.

This Mud Rub can even impart a rich smoke flavor for those poor souls who are forced by circumstance to cook ribs in an indoor oven!

Mud Rub is a thick, moist paste that will lock-in your initial rub flavorings when you take them off the smoker for tenting and steaming. The paste itself imparts the natural sweetness of onions without relying upon ANY sugars used in most BBQ sauces! This is guilt-free BBQ using diabetic-friendly ingredients at every step of the way.

BBQ Zen-Master John's three-two-one rib process begins with a foundation of yellow mustard and Rub-a-Dub-Dub Diabetic-Friendly Dry Rub on your ribs for the first three hours of smoking. Lovingly smother your ribs in Mud Rub and tent with a little Pumpkin Pale Ale for the next two hours. Finish your ribs on the grill with a dusting of dry spices to add a final layer of flavor. Try my "Heat'nSweet Diabetic-friendly Finishing Dust" when finishing on the grill in the final hour.

Adding Mud Rub to your process will change the way you work with your ribs.

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