First Post on Brew’

Inspired to spend more time doing the things I love, I hatched this idea several years ago and am finally getting around to doing something with it.

The Brew'nQue concept is quite simple. Consolidate into one space everything a hobbyist like myself needs:

  • Tools of the Trade:
    • Raw ingredients
    • Supplies and Accessories
    • Equipment
    • Expert guidance on troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Community:
    • Recipes and New Ideas on technique
    • Reviews and Commentary related to Suppliers and¬†Equipment
    • Recognition through Competition - whose ribs really ARE the best? Let's have some fun finding out.

In time, I hope to develop a community that is actively pushing the limits of what can be done as a hobby brewer and barbecue-er. Brew' will endeavor to crown experts, sponsor them in regional competitions, and help them turn their secret recipes into marketable products.